Team Science Resources

Organizations & Initiatives

International Network for the Science of Team Science (INSciTS)
A membership network dedicated to enhancing fundamental understanding of how to collaborate and to best support and foster team science.


Michigan State University Center for Interdisciplinarity (C4i)
Home of the Toolbox Dialogue Initiative, an evidence-based initiative that produces high-quality research in tandem with helpful workshops. (Integration and Implementation Insights)
Research resources for understanding and acting on complex real-world problems.


Center for Scientific Collaboration and Community Engagement
A research and training center to support and study the emerging field of scientific community engagement.



Collaboration and Team Science: A Field Guide from the NIH National Cancer Institute 
Includes topics such as creating a shared vision, building and sustaining trust, team evolution, handling conflict, and leadership.


Enhancing Communication And Collaboration In Interdisciplinary Research, Michael O’Rourke et al.
O’Rourke, M., Crowley, S., Eigenbrode, S. D., Wulfhorst, J. D. (2013). Enhancing Communication and Collaboration in Interdisciplinary Research. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.


From Sole Investigator to Team Scientist: Trends in the Practice and Study of Research Collaboration
This article reviews trends in the practice and study of research collaboration, focusing on journal publications in academic science. 
Leahey, E. (2016). Sole Investigator to Team Scientist: Trends in the Practice and Study of Research Collaboration. Annual Review of Sociology 42:1, 81-100.


Enhancing the Effectiveness of Team Science, National Academies Press (2015)
Scientific research is increasingly conducted by small teams and larger groups rather than individual investigators, but the challenges of collaboration can slow these teams' progress in achieving their scientific goals. How does a team-based approach work, and how can universities and research institutions support teams?