Giving Opportunities

Gifts to the UNM Interdisciplinary Science Cooperative support us in our mission of advancing the university’s research capacity. Your support not only strengthens our outcomes, but is an important part of our collaborative efforts. Together, we can produce life-changing outcomes for the state of New Mexico and beyond that are


 Interdisciplinary. Innovative. Impactful.



Non-endowed gifts give the Co-op the ability to invest in interdisciplinary research on an as needed basis. You can have an immediate impact on our ability to provide education and valued resources to our members that will positively influence our state as a whole.


The IS Co-op Fund

This unrestricted fund allows the Co-op to direct funding to areas of immediate need in order to support our interdisciplinary efforts. Gifts can help us support our Centers and Core Labs, provide emergency need to students, or assist with other needs as they arise.


The Roger Jones Interdisciplinary Science Cooperative Fund

Established by UNM alumnus, Dr. Roger Jones, who spent his career as a physicist and entrepeneur, this fund supports undergraduate fellowships and other miscellaneous expenses associated with establishing programs that promote interdisciplinary communication and problem solving.



Endowments are the best way to make a lasting impact that will enable us to fund i3 research in perpetuity. Establishing an endowment does so much more than produce a lasting source of financial support: it allows us to recruit and retain the best and the brightest faculty and future leaders in collaborative research so that we can give students the opportunity to learn from the most creative minds out there.

There are many ways to support the Co-op with an endowment, including:


Endowed Faculty Chair
$1.5 million

As the highest honor that we can bestow upon our faculty, an investment in a faculty chair at the IS Co-op is an investment in attracting outstanding professors who will not only lead the way in advancing opportunities for interdisciplinary science but for the state and our students as a whole. 


Imagine your impact: An endowed chair position at the IS Co-op builds relationships amongst a diverse set of researchers to revolutionize the way that interdisciplinary research is executed and cement the university’s standing as a national expert within this field.


Faculty Fellows Program
$1 million (for four research fellowship awards)

Our Faculty Fellows program is a unique investment in a collaborative community of faculty dedicated to improving their professional development and mentoring the next leaders in scientific discovery. With support from the IS Co-op, Fellows will be able to produce a variety of interdisciplinary learning opportunities for faculty and students throughout UNM that will create, expand, and support a culture of collaborative science.


Imagine your impact: Four faculty from four different disciplines come together for one year to research and implement new methods of learning across campus that support and broaden our students’ own research capacity while also establishing new collaborative relationships that bring interdisciplinary expertise to our campus.


Endowed Research Fellowships
$250,000 (each)

Research fellowships invest in rising stars who have distinguished themselves as leaders in their profession. By creating a faculty, postdoc, or student fellowship you are supporting the next generation of groundbreaking professionals in furthering interdisciplinary research.

Options can include:

  • Faculty Research Fellowships
  • Graduate Student Research Fellowships
  • Post-doctoral Student Research Fellowships
  • Undergraduate Student Research Fellowships


Imagine your impact: A junior faculty member could have the opportunity to strengthen their interdisciplinary proposals by being given the opportunity to expand their network. A graduate student could have the ability to research the nuances of interfacing various disciplines in order to develop a training program for effective interdisciplinary work. Or an undergraduate student could be introduced to interdisciplinary research experiences in order to begin building their future network for success.  


Distinguished Lectureship Series

Investing in a lectureship series helps attract the brightest minds to UNM in order to share their knowledge with our community and broaden our understanding of events impacting our world. Ideas and experiences presented within this series will open new doors to new possibilities and strengthen our interdisciplinary capacity.


Endowed Research and Travel Awards

Research and travel awards enhance opportunities for students to conduct and present their research while simultaneously bringing notoriety to the university’s research capacity to a broad, external community. These awards support fieldwork, participation in international research projects, or travel to national or international conferences.







For more information, contact:

Yolanda Dominguez
Senior Director of Development
UNM Foundation