Christopher D. Lippitt, Ph.D.

Photo: Christopher Lippitt

Associate Dean for Research, UNM College of Arts & Sciences

Director, Center for Advancement of Spatial Informatics Research and Education (ASPIRE)


Personal Statement:


  • PhD in Geography, Joint Doctoral Program in Geography between San Diego State University and University of California Santa Barbara, 2012
  • M.A. in Geographic Information Science, Clark University Graduate School of Geography, 2006
  • B.A. in Geography, Clark University, 2005 

Research Interests

  • Remote Sensing; Geographic Information Science; Time-Sensitive Geographic Information

Current Projects 

Lead - P.I of "Development of a Remote Sensing Network for Time-sensitive Detection of Fine Scale Damage to Transportation Infrastructure"
  • Lippitt, Christopher D. and Susan Bogus-Halter
  • Department of Transportation – Research and Innovative Technologies
  • September 1 2014 – December 30 2016, $1,217,397 Direct Costs and $71,103.00 Indirect Costs
Institutional PI of "Collaborative Proposal: Optimization of Remote Sensing Networks for Time-sensitive Detection of Fine Scale Damage to Critical Infrastructure"
  • Lippitt, Christopher D.
  • National Science Foundation
  • August 1 2014 – July 31 2016, $118,068.00 Direct Costs, $54,164 Indirect Costs    

Recent Publications

Zhang*, S., Bogus, S.M., and Lippitt, C.D. In Press. “Pavement surface permanent deformation detection and assessment based on digital aerial triangulation.” Proceedings of the 2015 International Workshop on Computing in Civil Engineering, ASCE, Austin, TX.

Lippitt, C.D., D.A. Stow and K. Clarke. 2014. On the Nature of Models for Time-Sensitive Remote Sensing. International Journal of Remote Sensing 35 (18): 6815-6841.

Stow, D.A., Y. Tsai, L.L. Coulter, and C.D. Lippitt. 2014. Detecting and Measuring Moving Objects with Airborne Repeat Station Imaging in Rapid Succession Mode. Remote Sensing Letters 5 (3), 213-220.